RNA visuals

Client: Visuals for “Life from an RNA World: The Ancestor Within” for Michael Yarus @ Harvard University Press and CU Molecular, Cellular, and Development Biology Department

Role: Full scale visual production.  I used data from Protein Data Bank, VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics) software, and PyMol.

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Superradiant Stable Laser

National University of Singapore

Vibrational Excitation and Autodetachment

Journal of Physical Chemistry A, JILA-NIST-CU

Ultracold ‘Polar’ Molecules

Science News, JILA-NIST-CU

Nanoscale Atom Clusters Periodic Table

Columbia University

N2O4 Excitation

Science & Technology Review

Scanning Near Field Optical Microscope

University of Amsterdam

RNA visuals

Harvard University Press, CU

Neutron Interferometer


Nano Electronic Synaptic Device

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N2O4 Probed Using High Harmonic Generation


Lowest Singlet and Triplet States of the Oxyallyl Diradical

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Light Force Detector Scale


Four interacting ultracold fermions

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Cavity-enhanced direct frequency comb spectroscopy

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Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)


Tomography of a supersonically cooled molecular jet

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Direct Self-Assembly of Copolymers

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Strongly Interacting Lattice Clock