Polariant – Positional Tracking Using Polarized Light

Startup: Polariant
VC: Bluepoint Partners
Role: UX Advisor / Mentor
Year: 2017

About: Polariant has been working on their positional tracking solution using polarized light detection. VR was expanding in 2017 and many VR hardware lacked efficient positioning tracking for their controllers. Polariant was still in an R&D stage with technology and were developing prototypes for VR controllers. Their technical solution is very clever and complex, but they needed easier ways of explaining the configurations and advantages. They wanted me to help them with their press outreach and how to explain how their prototype system works more clearly for press, corporate partners, and VCs. I advise them on how different ways of explaining how the system works, but for quick results we explored some ways making more advance 3D renderings of their system. I help them import their 3D device models into Maya and helped them with lighting, 3D objects, and rendering configurations for their scene files. In the end they made some good renderings that show cases the product clearly and how it works. Over time, they have been evolving their methods of explaining how the system works.

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