Minkonet – 3D Replay Esports – PUBG case study

Startup: Minkonet
VC: Bluepoint Partners
Role: UX Advisor / Mentor
Year: 2018

About: Minkonet developed middleware technology (know as Swing) for Unity and Unreal game platforms that allows game developers to integrate 3D replay systems for any device. After GDC 2017 Minkonet focused their strategy to integrate the technology for AAA game studios such Bluehole’s PUBG . The PUBG case study will help prove their technology to the Esports and gaming industry. They asked me to help me manage and run the conference 2018 GDC booth, press interviews, and networking. I also help with press networking and releases. We came up with the strategy to spread Minkonet’s PUBG replay system by promoting PUBG players to make fan made videos that would spread virally among the game players and press. We made some storyboards for the the PUBG fan players to use and we let their fan’s creativity go from there. We used some of the videos for the GDC 2018 conference in San Francisco

Tech Crunch: People are digging the new 3D replay tech in PUBG