Genesis Lab – Emotion Recognition AI

Startup: Genesis Labs
VC: Bluepoint Partners
Role: UX Advisor / Mentor
Year: 2017

About: Genesis Labs is an early stage deep tech startup that is part of Bluepoint Partner’s portfolio.  They have been developing their Emotion Recognition AI algorithms for the past few years at KAIST university.  They were at stage of launching their SDK and beginning to use for product development.  At that time team was comprised mostly engineers and academics.  They wanted to expand their product design capabilities, so I was helping expand product strategies and helping the team shift to think more about product design (eventually expand their team to include more designers).   One of things I started  with was just getting the team to understand the UX/UI  challenges that lay ahead of them for the SDK and products.  One way was come up with some concept UX design patterns to visualizing / tracking emotions in real time or replay.  After that I would have discussions with the team about strengths and weaknesses of various approaches and methodologies.