Bose-Einstein Condensate interactive simulator

Client: Interactive touch kiosk simulator and mobile/tablet app for NIST

Role: Art Direction, UX, and interaction design.  Collaborator: Haoyan of America with design and After Effects processing.

About:  This application represents the research of Eric A. Cornell, receiver of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2001. I spent the first part of the project learning about BEC through reading published journal articles, following online discourse, researching the existing visualizations of BEC as well as other simulators, revisiting my own previous design projects, and engaging in conversations with Eric Cornell, Debbie Jin, Jun Ye, and others at JILA and NIST. My main goal was to synthesize the research, understanding the physics of the atoms, and honor the intention of the scientists by creating a visualization that deconstructs the formation of a BEC into interactive playable loops in the most transparent way possible for a user. The end result is a play-to-learn interaction application design meant to be accessible by all audiences allowing users to intuit the concepts of the BEC and the formation its complex state of matter.