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I was previously employed at JILA (joint institute of Colorado University and National Institute of Science and Technology) as a professional research assistant working directly with scientists and researchers to transform their ideas and discoveries into visuals such as diagrams, 3D illustrations, animations, and interactives…


To me, science is beautiful and full of wonders. However, for many people, the beauty and wonder get buried in texts that are only read within the science and research communities. My hope has been to create engaging visuals and make them available to the general public allowing more people to appreciate the beauty of science, art, and technology. I am still collaborating with scientists as a consultant for NIST as well as at Columbia University. I am also employed full-time as a Sr. UX Architect Specialist for Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal. Such unique academic and private sector settings have allowed me to pursue new modalities while exploring intersections in my current body of work.


Throughout both my career and my pursuit of personal projects, I have successfully envisioned, designed and executed new technologies through complex problem solving and a nuanced understanding of the users’ needs and expectations. My background in computer engineering, science, and art, has facilitated the ease with which I collaborate in environments of unique individuals such as artists, educators, scientists, researchers, technologists, designers, and other visionaries. My dedication to deepen the capacity to understand and affect how art and technology can change our relationship to education, play, design, and communication, fuels my own vision and amplifies the visions of my colleagues.


My current projects, such as the Tumbleweed app project, remixology projects with my art collective The Goddamn Cobras, visualizations with the international scientific communities, and my UX work with news media and financial data, all involve a delicate balance of user-centric design and its facilitation of art, technology and science. My passion is combining symbol representations with abstractions of data to create new visual componentry while exploring the potential scope, through questions I’ve yet to ask, of playful interactions, as a means to cultivate learning through a narrowing of the divide between work and play. I strive to cultivate continuous curiosity, to reframe how humans think and connect to new technologies, and to one another.


I am always excited to work with scientists, researchers, technologists, and educators to create visuals and designs for their various needs. If there is anything I can do for you, please with the form below.  You can also check out my Services page.


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